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The SPi Awards 2019 Winner and Finalists

Sponsored by Flickr

Co Sponsored by Leica USa, GNARBOX & Tenba

It has been an incredible third iteration of the SPi Awards this year. We received entries from 139 countries, and were delighted to see what a high calibre was being brought forward. Street photography as a genre seems to be going from strength to strength.

We are thrilled to present the work of our winner Sarmistha Bera, and our 20 finalists.

Sarmistha has won a solo show at the Flickr HQ in San Francisco, a Leica QP from Leica USA, a Tenba Cooper 13 Slim Shoulder bag and an GNARBOX 2.0 1TB SSD backup device. The 20 finalists have all won Tenba Cooper 8 shoulder bags and of course a place in the group exhibition at the Flickr HQ in San Francisco.

We hope you enjoy the selection, and we will see you again in 2020 for another SPi Awards! 

The SPi Collective

The SPi Awards 2019 Winner

Sarmistha Bera

The SPi Awards 2019 Finalists