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About Street photography International (SPi)

We are a collective of street photographers who joined forces in late 2015 with the goal of spreading our knowledge and passion for capturing and sharing the fleeting moments of the world around us through the medium of candid, natural photography.

We curate the largest online resource of street photography in the world, and run the SPi Awards, an annual competition that invites people from all walks of life to submit their work in one of the most prestigious, yet affordable, street photography competitions worldwide.

We also run hands-on street photography workshops in London, giving novices and enthusiasts the chance to learn directly from three photographers in one day.

Dedicated to bringing you the best street photography in the world.

Find out what makes us a little bit different:

Street Photography Workshops

work with up to three respected street photographers in one day


Walter Rothwell


Craig Reilly


Alan Schaller


Street Photography Prints