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About the SPi Street Awards

In 2017 we established the SPi Street Awards, an international photography competition offering top prizes and exposure for a minimal entry fee. Concerned that the high level of entry fees charged by many competitions excludes a huge number of talented photographers from around the world from entering, we set a price of £2 per picture. Sponsored by Olympus in 2017 and Leica in 2018, our winners both had solo exhibitions in London and received high end cameras. We also select twenty finalists each year. Their work forms a separate group exhibition, and they receive runners up prizes. 

How can I enter?

The competition is run annually, and we will announce the call for entries here and on the SPi Street Awards website.  However, the best way to keep informed about this competition and be exposed to the world's largest collection of street photography that's growing each day, is to follow us on Instagram:

I am hugely honoured to be named the SPi Awards winner. To be awarded my own solo show plus a Leica Q camera was a real ‘pinch me’ moment.
— Alan Burles - SPi Awards 2018 Winner