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Walter Rothwell

Co-founder, SPi


Selected Works By Walter Rothwell

Walter Rothwell

Walter Rothwell is a British photographer living in London.

From commissioned projects, documentary and street photography, Walter’s work has been published and exhibited for over 25 years in Britain, Europe the USA and is held in national and private collections. Although most of his commercial work is shot on digital, he is a strong advocate of film for documentary and street photography, winning awards for his darkroom, development and printing skills. Laura Noble, LA Noble Photographers Gallery, wrote “Walter Rothwell’s silver gelatin prints have to be seen in person to see the perfect example of quality printing with all its deep blacks & variety of tones.”

Whether actively on a shoot or just out and about, Walter is never without an Hasselblad XPan, he is one of the few practitioners of panoramic street photography, a tricky but rewarding format, capturing moments in a unique way. To further quote Laura Noble, “Rothwell’s work has a wonderful duality, you look twice & see the humour & irony after the contents of the images’ reality sinks in.”